Colonial Park Cemetery

This is one of the oldest Cemeteries in Savannah, Chatham County Georgia. It is located on Oglethorpe Street which is a main street that runs through the older section of the city. It starts close to the civic Center and leads toward Tybee Island. I can not remember the road it stops at but it is near Presidential Dr.

The City cemetery opened about 1750 as records indicate and closed against burials about 1853.

Archibald Bulloch 1730 Feb. 22, 1777 US Continental Congressman - Historical Marker
Joseph Clay Oct. 16, 1741 Nov. 15, 1804 US Continental Congressman - Historical Marker
Samuel Elbert 1740 Nov. 1, 1788 US Revolutionary War Brigadier General, Georgia Governor. Historical Marker
William Gibbons Apr. 8, 1726 Sep. 27, 1800 Continental Congressman.
Nathanael Greene Aug. 7, 1742 Jun. 19, 1786 Revolutionary War Major General - Remains are now under the monument in Johnson Square
Button Gwinnett 1735 May 19, 1777 Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Ann Sarah Camber Habersham 1764 1800
Isabella Rae Habersham     w/o Joseph Habersham
John Habersham Dec. 23, 1754 Dec. 17, 1799 Third son of Hon. James Habersham and Mary Bolton
and his wife Ann Sarah Camber
Joseph Habersham July 28, 1751 Nov. 17, 1815 Second son of Hon. James Habersham and Mary Bolton
and his wife Isabella Rae
Lachlan McIntosh Mar. 17, 1725 Feb. 20, 1806 Revolutionary War Major General.
Historical Marker
William Leigh Pierce 1740 Dec. 10, 1789 Continental Congressman.
John Joachim Zubly Aug. 27, 1724 Jul. 23, 1781 Continental Congressman.