Turner Cemetery

This cemetery was once part of a church which is no longer standing. Property owned by folks in VA. There is no access road to this cemetery. It's in a wooded lot surrounded by houses & Lumber Co. Can only get to it by old railroad bed parallel to Hwy 80. Not accessible except through trails, several depressions w/o headstones, one headstone sunken into the ground.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Notes
Levett Illinois 4 Jan 1872 12 Jul 1936 Father
Levett Sillean 10 Mar 1878 19 Aug 1943 Mother
Turner Kate 27 Aug 1862 24 Aug 1935 Mother
Turner Robert 1 Feb 1890 15 Oct 1962 Georgia, Pvt US Army, World War I
Turner Walter 2 Sep 1897 19 Dec 1950
Turner Wilhelmina 18 Aug 1892 1 Mar 1953 In memory of my wife