Queries 1915

The Atlanta Constitution
September 5, 1915

Conducted by Mrs. Walter S. Williamson, No. 221 E. Jones Street; Savannah, Ga.

Correspondents will please: 1. Write plainly, especially names. 2. Give dates of approximate dates, localities or clew to the state in which ancestors lived. 3. Write queries on separate slip from letter, or one side of paper, and inclose stamp for each query. 4. Give full name and address, which will not be published unless so desired.

Would like to get into communication with descendants of Mathew Thornton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Augusta.

Information is desired of Colonel Thomas Wooten, who had a daughter, Tabitta.

Information desired of John Moore, of North Carolina, whose wife was Martha Tyson. Who were his parents?

1. William Lewis, son of John Lewis, of Staunton, Va., married Ann Montgomery, niece of General Montgomery. Who were her parents? 2. Mary Lewis, daughter of William Lewis, and his wife, Ann Montgomery, married Robert Adams, Sr. Their daughter, Judith Adams, married Micajah Clarke, February 10, 1736. Two other daughters married Moormans. Where can I get a history of this Adams family?

Information desired of the family of Dr. Charles Hendry, born April 10, 1776, in Virginia; married Nancy McGhee, of Virginia.

Information desired of Jonathan Lindley's family, who married about 1790 Nancy Blair.

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